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          BM-2007C CaCO3 Measuring Instrument

           1.         Product Usage

          BM-2007C CaCO3 Measuring Instrument is that of the quantitative analysis, which can be used in mine, metallurgy, petroleum, mining, chemical engineering and limestone used in power plant desulfurization. The functions of BM-2007C CaCO3 Measuring Instrument are mainly measuring Nano-CaCO3, the content of CaCO3 in limestone and that of CaCO3 in products of other areas. BM-2007C CaCO3 Measuring Instrument adopts the method of X fluorescence physical analysis, which has the main characteristics of fast analysis, high accuracy, low personal error and labor intensity. Meanwhile, it has also the main characteristics of no chemical reagent, no environment pollution and labor-saving etc. It has replaced the traditional methods for chemical analysis.

          2.         Main Characteristics

          (1)      No isotopic radioactive source; Conforming to the requirements of environment protection of the state; Making customers free from any worry in the future;

          (2)      Large LCD screen display; Chinese menu; Easy to operate;

          (3)      Adopting “the continuous measurement method of standard sample”; Analyzing two constituents quickly at the same time; the fastest speed: obtaining the results within 30 seconds; High accuracy;

          (4)      Highly integrated apparatus; Strong environment adaptability and capacity of resisting disturbance.

          (5)      The apparatus applies switching power supply that has the strong capacity of resisting the voltage wave of power grid. It can work under the wide voltage.

          (6)      Adopting physical analysis method; not touching and breaking the sample in the process of analyzing; no chemical reagent;

          (7)      The integrated apparatus analysis system that can be applied separately and through RS232 or RS485 serial port and batching system of the instrument;

          (8)      Automatic sound alarming; Keyboard printer in the panel; Man-computer operation;

          (9)      Strong software function; large data storage capacity; adding the software function arbitrarily in accordance with customers’ requirements;

          (10)  Low price; being suitable for the situation of our country;

          3.         Main Technical Index

          1.         Measurement Range:                      The adjustable CaCO3 analysis range, selecting through the method of calibration curve;

          2.         Width of the Measurement Range:   CaCO3%max-CaCO3min≤7%

                                                                     For instance, limestone: CaCO3: 88%-95%;

          3.         Inherent Error: CaCO3:                    ±0.18%;

          4.         Analysis Precision:                          SCaCO3≤0.09%;

          5.         Temperature Stability:                     Within the range of 5-+40?? , Absolute drift:  ?O??CaCO3%?O≤0.18%;

          6.         Measuring Time:                            30×n seconds (n: natural number); Recommended value: 60 seconds;

          7.         Using Conditions:                           Environment Temperature: 5-+40??; Relative Humidity: ≤85%(30??); Power Supply: 220V±20V,50Hz;

          8.         Overall Power Consumption:           60W;

          9.         Size and Weight:                             480mm×370mm×125mm,12kg.



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