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          Brief Introduction to FCao-2008 Rapid Measurement Instrument of Cement Free Calcium

           Brief Introduction to FCao-2008 Rapid Measurement Instrument

          of Cement Free Calcium



          Free calcium oxide is the leading indicator to judge cement quality and incineration thermal system of clinker. The apparatus adopts glycol to extract benzoic acid so as to quickly and accurate measure content of free calcium oxide. 

          Apparatus feature

          ?? Electric furnace tray is replaced with a special heating tray without naked flame to guarantee good appearance, security, durability, reliability, great power and quick temperature rise. 

          ?? DC magnetoelectric motor is used to realize stepless speed regulation, even mixing, durability and reliability. 

          ?? High temperature magnetic steel is driven directly by line shaft to realize long life and less mechanical failure. 

          ?? Single chip control can realize accurate adjustment in definite time. 

          ?? Automatic sound prompt to realize automatic and turnoff at definite time 

          Major technical index

          Power supply: AC220V±10%

          Mixing speed: stepless and adjustable

          Maximal power consumption: 300W

          Average heating rate: 60¡æ/min

          Fixed time: fixed time call can be selected at random from 0 ~ 10 minutes in count down mode. A reminding is given out at 1 minute count down. 

          Circulating water pump: AC22V, 50HZ, 10/12W