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          QBE-9 Full Automatic Specific Surface Tester

           QBE-9 Full Automatic Specific Surface Tester


          Abstract: reasonable control of specific surface value can not only improve cement performance and early strength, but also reduce dissipation of energy. It is feasible and convenient to regulate cement strength through specific surface value. Cement production enterprises pay more and more attention to the significance. In previous old specific surface tester, manual measurement is adopted, which cause more human factors, long measurement time and great measuring error. Therefore, it is difficult to meet requirements. 

          In order to improve automatic detection level in laboratory of cement industry and decrease human error, we develop automatic specific surface tester (Blaine method). The tester is designed and produced based on government standard GB8074-87 Method of Determination for Specific Surface of Cement (Blaine method). It adopts high reliable chip microprocessor and integrated circuit to realize self-clocking, automatic temperature measurement, Automatic detection of water level, and automatic detection of operating state of tester, automatic calculation and display of result, full automatic measurement, free from human error, simplicity, accuracy and convenience. At present, the apparatus has been widely used all over the country. 

          Main feature and performance index: 

          ?? We adopt reliable chip microprocessor and integrated circuit to automatically adapt to different temperatures. Operating state of tester is detected automatically so as to guarantee accurate and reliable measurement result. 
          ?? Automatic detection of water level, self-clocking, automatic temperature measurement, automatic calculation and display of result

          ?? Except for hand charging, the whole test process is completed automatically so as to avoid human error. 

          ?? The measurement result is given out by pressing the measurement key at a time so as to guarantee simple operation. 

          ?? Application range: it is applicable to range specified in GB8074-2008. 

          ?? Accuracy of measurement: relative error??0.8??

          ?? Temperature: 8-34??

          ?? Voltage: ??220??